Wide Selection of Designer Eyewear at Bronte Optometry

The prescription given to you by our doctors at Bronte Optometry will determine how well you see with your new eyewear. In order to be properly fitted for your new eye glasses, we determine a number of things to make sure your new purchase is custom-made to give you clear and comfortable vision while making sure you look great. Some of those things include:

  1. Accurately measuring the distance between your pupils so that your new lenses will be properly located in the new frames
  2. Selecting the right size of frame for you
  3. Selecting the right shape of frame for you
  4. Determining what curvature of lens to use
  5. Determining what type of lens material to use
  6. Determining what coatings to use on your lenses that best suit your needs
  7. Determining the height to place the optical center of the lens in your frames
  8. Measuring how high to place the bifocal (if you wear a multifocal lens)
  9. Properly adjusting the frame to your face

If all of the above are not chosen specifically for you, it’s not uncommon to have problems such as headaches, fatigue, an “eye pulling” sensation, nausea, and pain or pressure marks on your nose or around your ears.

We stand behind our prescriptions and eyewear and aspire to accommodate emergency repairs and adjustments. We offer a great selection of frames at the best possible price with free adjustment for our patients.

Our Designer Frames & Sunglasses

We offer a great selection of designer frames at the best possible price as well as top quality frames at budget prices. Adjustments are always free for all of our patients.