Non-Surgical Treatments for Vision Correction in Oakville, Ontario

80% of what we learn as a child is by means of sight. A high percentage of children with learning and reading difficulties have vision-related problems. Bronte Optometry offers special testing and vision training for children with learning difficulties. Vision therapy is a non-surgical, doctor-supervised, customized program of visual activities designed to correct or improve certain vision problems visual skills.

How Vision Therapy Works

Sometimes eye glasses and contact lenses are not enough to correct all vision difficulties. Vision therapy is like physical therapy for the entire visual system, including the eyes and the parts of the brain that control vision. The visual system is taught to correct itself. The process can include the use of prism lenses, colour filtered glasses, computerized visual activities and non-computerized viewing instruments.

Successful vision therapy outcomes are achieved through active collaborative work of the prescribing doctor, the patient and, in the case of children, their parents. The goal in most cases is to achieve clear, comfortable binocular vision.

Many studies have shown that vision therapy can correct vision problems that interfere with efficient reading among schoolchildren. It also can help reduce eyestrain and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome experienced by many children and adults.

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